Wanting to make a BNC Cable using RG59? Follow the steps below.

Materials Needed: RG59 Coaxial Cable, BNC Plugs, Coaxial Cable Stripping Tool, BNC Crimp Tool.

  1. Using your cable stripping tool, strip about 20mm of the black outer cover from the cable. Exposing the copper braid, inner insulation and centre conductor.
  2. Next place the BNC Ferrule onto the cable.  Then fold the copper braid backwards onto the black outer cover to reveal the white insulating material. Remove about 4mm of the white insulating material and place the center pin of the BNC onto the center conductor.
  3. Using your BNC crimping tool, crimp the centre pin onto the centre conductor.  Once you place the BNC plug onto the cable, insert the center pin through the BNC plug. You’ll hear a click once the center pin is properly inserted. A snug fit and the BNC plug should hold the white insulating material.
  4. You can now fold the copper braid over the BNC. place the ferrule over the copper braid and crimp using your crimp tool.  You can trim away any copper braids still showing with an appropriate tool.

The below image will show you how to attach a crimp-on BNC Connector to a RG59 Coaxial Cable.

Making a BNC Cable