Needing some help to enable IVS rules on a Dahua XVR? This video is a step by step guide on how to enable and setup tripwire and intrusion IVS rules for detecting movement.

  1. Open the Dahua Toolbox and run the Config Tool. This can also be done locally on the Recorder the same way
  2. Select the Recorder you wish to work on and click “Web” to open the Web Portal on Edge
  3. Enter the Username and Password for the Recorder
  4. Navigate to the “Smart Detection” Menu and click “Parameters”
  5. Click the “IVS” tab to bring up the Configuration window

From here you can add and delete IVS rules, such as Tripwire and Intrusion Zones.

To add a Tripwire Intrusion Rule, follow these steps:

  1. Click the “+” symbol and enable the rule from the checkbox. Name the rule, then draw the rule on the video feed. Refer to the video for a visual demonstration
  2. For this demonstration we will set up a Tripwire Intrusion rule, which is a simple line that when crossed will notify the end user via the DMSS App
  3. You can set parameters for the rule such as it’s detection area from one direction, the opposite direction, or set it to detect movement from both sides
  4. Click “More” for additional options, such as allowing the Recorder to sound it’s Buzzer or send an Email when thresehold is crossed
  5. When your rule(s) have been set, click “Apply” and reboot the Recorder

To set an Intrusion Zone, follow these steps:

  1. Click the “+” and enable the rule. Select the “Type” drop down menu and choose Intrusion
  2. Draw the rule on the video feed. You can set your Detection Threshold by left clicking the mouse on the area you want to cover, and right click the last point to the first
  3. You can again set the detection rules, post record time, schedule, etc
  4. When the Intrusion Zone has been set, click OK and reboot the Recorder

Once the Recorder reboots it’s always best practice to always test the rules to make sure the detection thresholds are detecting the movement.

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