Configuring Dahua Access Points is a breeze with this straightfoward video guide. Using the DH-WBC5-90AC & DH-WBC5-30AC Access Points, lean how to set up access points below.

In this video we will be using the Dahua Toolbox to see each device on the network. We will configure each Access Point (AP) individually as they have the same default IP address.

Configuring Dahua Access Points

  1. Open the Toolbox and run the Config Tool. There’s one Access Point sitting on the network at this stage, which will be set up as the main AP for Clients (CL) to connect to.
  2. The default IP for these AP’s is, and we’ll use Edge in Internet Explorer mode to connect to the AP using this IP address. Open Edge and enter the AP’s IP address into the search bar
  3. Create a memorable password for the AP. This passwords used for logging into the AP to change settings, etc. It’s not used for connecting devices to it
  4. Use that password to login and begin the config of the AP
  5. Set the mode to Access Point. You can name the AP to make it easy to find when pairing the Client end to create the Wireless Bridge
  6. Set your Encryption type and the password for Clients to use when connecting to the AP
  7. You can change the Output Power here, but for now I’m going to keep it on High Performance
  8. I want to give my AP a Static IP Address. Depending on your Network these settings may vary. You will probably have a different Gateway, IP Range, etc
  9. Here you can review the settings and apply them. The AP will log you out as it’s IP address has changed

I can see the AP IP Address has now changed in the Config Tool. I’ll now power the Client end of the Wireless Bridge and wait for it to appear on the Config Tool. It may take a few minutes to appear

Configuring Client End

  1. Connect to the CL end of the Wireless Bridge using Edge and the IP Address shown in the Config Tool
  2. Again, set a Password for the CL Device and login
  3. At this stage we will tell the Unit it will be in Client mode. We want to connect to the AP end of the Bridge. You can enter this manually or click the search icon to search for the AP
  4. Select the AP from the list and click OK. Input the password you created on the AP for any connecting devices
  5. We’ll give the CL a static IP Address close to the IP Address of the AP, so they’re easy to find in the future
  6. Again, the device will log you out as it’s IP Address has changed

You can go back to the Config Tool and see that both ends of the Wireless Bridge are now initialised. You can now login to both the AP and CL to check their settings if needs be.

Wanting to check if a remote device (an IP Camera) which is connected to the CL via its PoE out Port, is coming through correctly? Log into the device to see if you are able to see the image from the camera.

And it is! The wireless Bridges configured correctly.

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