This blog post will demonstrate how to enable Auto Tracking on a Dahua DH-SD3E405DB-GNY-A-PV1 Mini TiOC PTZ Camera. Auto Tracking on this model only supports tracking of human targets, and does not track vehicular targets. We’ll show you how to set up presets, enable IVS, set up auto tracking, and utilize other available features.

Initial Setup Steps

  1. Login to the PTZ using Microsoft Edge via its IP Address
  2. We will need to set up at least one preset. Click the “Home” Icon and navigate to the PTZ Settings
  3. Add a preset if ones not enabled. Clicking each preset gives you a preview of the area that presets assigned to cover
  4. Click “Add Preset” and use the PTZ Controls to position the PTZ in the scene you want to capture
  5. Name each of your presets accordingly & click the save icon on any presets added to the PTZ

Now to enable auto tracking

  1. Click the “Home” icon, or close the window and click “AI”
  2. Click “+ Preset” and select the preset you want auto tracking enabled on
  3. Move the “IVS” slider on and click next
  4. Select “IVS” to open the Rule Config menu. This is where you will enable Auto Tracking. Choose the preset you want to work on from the dropdown menu
  5. Click “Add Rule” and select your rule.
    • In the video demonstration we are using an Intrusion Zone Rule. The PTZ Camera will track entry into this area
  6. Add a name to the rule if you wish
  7. By default the whole scene will be in the capture area, but you can delete it and draw out the area you wish to cover
  8. Place points by left clicking your mouse and link the last point to the first with a right click. You can adjust points as you see fit
  9. The Sensitivity slider is for how sensitive the detection is. Depending on the scene, you may need to engage in some trial and error
  10. Enable Auto Tracking lite & select your action

We will demonstrate enabling both Appear and Cross in our video

  1. Select the direction of where targets will be tracked from, either entering the area, exiting the area or both. In our video demonstration we’ll be setting this to both. So, the PTZ will track a target entering or leaving the area.
  2. Tracking Duration sets how long a target will be tracked for
    • There’s no point in selecting vehicles, as this PTZ will only track human targets
  3. Scrolling down you can set Post Record Time, Post Alarm, Audio Linkage & Warning Light
  4. Audio Linkage will play an audible warning throughout the PTZ speaker directed at the target being tracked. You can choose from a handful of preloaded audible alerts
  5. The Warning Light warns targets with a Red & Blue flashing LED array, warning them that they have been detected in the area
  6. Click “Apply” when you are happy with your settings

At this stage we would recommend rebooting the PTZ and test the area by walking through the Intrusion Zone. Making sure the Mini TiOC PTZ tracks a target, the LED Array flashes and any audible warnings set are sounding correctly.