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UNV tips and troubleshooting

Aug 31

Setting up Cross Line Detection

Setting up Cross Line Detection, which can be used to detect persons entering a particular area or even off limits areas.

  1. Navigate to main menu. Select “Alarm” tab and click “VCA”
  2. Select camera that’ll be using Line Cross Detection
  3. Check the “Save VCA Images” check box
  4. Select the camera Line Crossing will be on. Tick “Enable” and draw the lines on the camera image. You can select trigger action ans sensitivity of trigger.

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Aug 24

setup the EZView App

Setup of the EZView App for remote viewing only takes a few minutes. Just download the app and scan a QR code!

  1. Right click the screen and go to main menu. Click “System” tab, then select “Network” tab. Now enable DHCP by checking the tick box.
  2. Click “EZCloud” tav along top of the sceeen. Enable EZCloud by checking tick box. Then download EZView app on device.
  3. Once app is installed, create account and ensure region is correct. Log into your account on the app, then tap “Devices”.
  4. On the next screen, tap “+ADD”
  5. Tap “Scan” to open the QR Code Scanner
  6. Scan QR Code from EZCloud tab of NVR.
Feb 02

Upgrading a NVR’s firmware from the EZ View App could not be simpler!  First open your EZ View App, tap the main menu, tap on the devices tab, refresh the list of devices by scrolling your finger down the screen, and a red dot will appear on any device that has a firmware upgrade available.  Tap on that device, tap on P2P Upgrade and tap Start Upgrade!

The video below shows how quick and simple it is!

Remotely upgrading a NVR’s firmware saves an engineer from having to travel to sites and upgrade firmware via USB!

Feb 02

The EZ View App is simple to use.  Features include live view, playback , PTZ controls, add devices, take snapshots, save recordings and more!

Available for Android and iOS phones

Cloud Login

  1. Enter Username and Password
  2. Add device
  3. Select a way to add
  4. Scsn QR code
  5. Tap save button
  6. Device added successfully

Live View

  1. Select device
  2. Play live view
  3. Slide to view more functions


  1. Switch to playback
  2. Select start time for playback
  3. Select device
  4. Take snapshot
  5. Save recording