Nexus Wireless Alert System by Luminite

Nexus Wireless Alert System by Luminite


Videplus is a distributor of Luminite Electronics Nexus Wireless Alert System, we are based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and can deliver next day to the UK & Ireland. Call a member of our sales team on 028 9032 9480 for further assistance.

Battery powered

Rapidly deployable and reusable

Wireless with up to 64 units on one site

Long range transmission of 1km between units

Visual beacon and audible sounder

3 year battery life with low battery alerts

IP masthead receiver available for remote monitoring

Works on advanced wireless mesh protocol negating the need for repeaters

Product Overview

The NEXUS Wireless Alert system comprises a range of variants which can be rapidly deployed for fire alert or lockdown situations. The units are battery powered and have a long and robust transmission range of 1 km between units. The systems are portable and quick and easy to install with no civil works or cabling required. Internal and external units are available in a choice of colours.

Silent test functionality is built in to minimise disruption and the system can be used in conjunction with the Luminite IP Masthead if off site monitoring is required. Each site requires at least one Master unit which is fitted with a re-set key. In all instances of activation, the initial triggered unit will continue to flash until manually re-set.

Each NEXUS unit utilises intelligent power saving technology to ensure a long battery life of up to three years, keeping service calls to a minimum and reducing the environmental impact. Low battery alerts are reported via the IP Masthead.


The Fire Alert system is ideal for construction sites, utility sites, buildings undergoing refurbishment and anywhere requiring a robust warning system to fire.

As it is fully portable, NEXUS Fire Alert is ideal for evolving building sites, or as a temporary bridging system for buildings changing their current fire alert system.

Fire Alert units are available in red or blue.


The School Lockdown system is aimed at schools and other places of learning as a lockdown system in the event of an incident requiring rapid restrictions to a site.

Lockdown units are only available in blue.

It is vital that schools have a lockdown procedure in place alongside their fire procedures. The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) offer detailed guidance notes for developing an effective lockdown procedure.


Advanced Mesh Technology

NEXUS uses a secure wireless mesh protocol to provide a long range, robust system, designed to alert occupants to a threat on or near their site requiring a lockdown procedure to be implemented. With a wireless range of 1km line of sight between units, and a maximum of 16 mesh hops, NEXUS has a potential range of 16km.

There is a maximum of 64 units per site, and when one NEXUS unit is activated, it will trigger all units in range to sound an audible lockdown message, accompanied by a flashing beacon light.