Power Supply Units

    Power Supply Units stocked by Videplus for CCTV, Access Control & Intercom Solutions

    A power supply unit (PSU) is a device that provides electrical energy to other electrical devices or components. It converts the available input power, typically from a mains power source or a battery, into the appropriate form and voltage level required by the device it is supplying power to.

    The function of a power supply is to regulate and deliver power to ensure proper operation of electronic devices. It typically provides direct current (DC) power, in HD Analogue CCTV for example. Although some power supplies also offer alternating current (AC) outputs for specific applications.

    Power supplies come in various forms, including external adapters or chargers, built-in units within electronic devices, and standalone units used in industrial or specialized applications.

    Videplus keep a variety of different PSU’s in stock which are used in a range of different applications. Including 12-24 AC/DC Inline & Boxed PSU’s, Single Output & Multi Output, and more…

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    Showing all 8 results