Alarm Systems

Professional Intruder Alarm Systems UK & Ireland

At Ajax, we believe that people shouldn’t have to live in fear in today’s world. Our continually evolving security system gives people peace of mind. When you’re under the reliable protection of Ajax, you’re safe from thieves, fires or leaks that can cause real harm to property and people.

Ajax Systems is a tech company. We create solutions that stand on the cutting edge of technology and science — then we put those innovations into our devices. Ajax devices operate in the most extreme conditions, always ready to protect against tragedy.

The main achievements of the new generation of Ajax wireless Alarm Systems are:

  • Ease of control – from a smartphone (iOS/Android) or web browser.
  • Simplicity of installation – the device doesn’t need to be put together or taken apart; everything comes ready from the box.
  • Modern software – automatic updates, remote settings, and an intuitive interface.
  • Protection – built-in reserve battery, detection and prevention of jamming, floating point encryption, and a backup GSM channel.
  • Its own Jeweller protocol – a reliable connection with devices up to 2,000 meters in open space and with high energy-efficiency of work – batteries in the detectors last up to seven years.
  • Centralized monitoring system connect easily with our equipment (via Contact ID protocol).