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Data & Networking

Find all your Data & Networking accessories here, including Cable, Cabinets, Switches, PoE Repeaters & Injectors and Smart Cabling Devices!


We stock Full Copper CAT5 & CAT6 both of which come in Internal & External Grade.  When choosing between Cat5 or Cat6, consider the requirements of the network.  If you need higher speeds, better performance, and future-proofing, CAT6 would be the better choice.  However, if your network needs are more modest and cost is a factor, CAT5 cabling will still be a suitable choice for many applications.

Networking Cabinets

Networking cabinets, also known as network cabinets or server racks, are specialized enclosures designed to house and organize networking and server equipment in a centralized location and Videplus stocks a range of different Cabinet sizes and Accessories


Videlpus stocks a variety of choice in Switches.  We keep Managerd and Unmanaged Switches, PoE and Non-PoE in a range of sizes from 5 Port Desktop Switches to 24 Port Smart Managed Poe Switches

At Videplus we stock a wide range of Data & Networking equipment, if you can’t find something you require feel free to contact us!