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Smart IP Accessories

Smart IP Accessories, where connectivity meets convenience. Explore a range of accessories designed to optimize your network infrastructure and enhance connectivity in every corner of your space.

These accessories are essential for IP CCTV systems. From simple powerline adapters, known as homeplugs, to WiFi Range Extenders. Homeplugs extend your home network by using existing sockets. A WiFi range extender expands your network when it is not possible to install cables.

Videplus also stock a wide range of ethernet extenders over coax and ethernet extenders over CAT5, CAT6 and any 2 cores.

Smart IP accessories refer to a range of devices and gadgets that are designed to enhance and integrate with smart home automation systems or utilize internet connectivity for advanced functionality. These accessories typically connect to a home network and can be controlled remotely. Such as via a smartphone, tablet, or voice commands.

Showing 1–9 of 19 results

Showing 1–9 of 19 results