090-202-045 Bi-Metal Holesaw 25mm

    090-202-045 Bi-Metal Holesaw 25mm


    Product Description

    090-202-045 Bi-Metal Holesaw 25mm

    • Bi-metal design
    • M42 HSS cutting edge – 8% Cobalt
    • Premium quality steel
    • 4/6 TPI variable tooth pattern
    • 38mm (1 1/2”) cutting depth
    • Holesaws/arbors fully interchangeable with most other brands
    • Separate arbor
    • Supplied individually in hanging blister packs


    Sheet metal, cast iron, Aluminium, wood, plywood, plastics and pipe.


    Ensure the recommended speed is used for different diameters of holesaw.

    Use the correct cutting fluid when making holes in metal, other than cast iron which should be cut dry.

    Use correct level of pressure when hole cutting. Too much or too little can damage cutting edges.

    Pilot drills should be correctly assembled to ensure they do not extend beyond cutting teeth further than the material thickness being cut.