DA-1AS 1 Way Audio Kit Complete

    DA-1AS 1 Way Audio Kit Complete

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    Product Description

    DA-1AS is a 1 Way Audio Kit . It provides entry security to the building. This audio kit offers reliable and efficient intercom capabilities, ensuring clear and convenient communication between different areas or rooms.

    The Kit comes complete with the following:

    Door Station

    • Vandal Resistant construction
    • Thin and compactly designed unit
    • Directory is backlit

    Master station

    • Door station calls in with audio tone, tone is adjustable
    • Mute option with LED indicator
    • Door release button to unlock the door

    System features of DA-1AS 1 Way Audio Kit

    • Connect electric door strike with same two wires from door station
    • Requires no extra power supply for electric door strike
    • Exsisting doorbell or chime wires can be utilized (disconnect from transformer)
    • Master station is equipped with Door Release and one Function button to turn on entrance light, etc

    Audio Kit includes all the essential components for a one-way audio intercom system. Consisting of a master station and a door station, this allows for communication between the main entry point and a designated room or location. This kit is suitable for applications such as single-family homes, apartments, offices, or small businesses.

    With its reliable audio transmission, the DA-1AS audio kit ensures clear and crisp communication. It eliminates the need for shouting or relying on phone calls, enhancing convenience and promoting efficient interaction between occupants and visitors.



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