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3602 100 Code Memokey

3602 100 Code Memokey Audio kit

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Product Description

3602 100 Code Memokey Audio kit. Access control system restricts, controls and allows the access to any area (garage, offices, warehouses, etc.). A reader is installed beside the entrance or exit of the area which can be: * Proximity: Private Line * Keypad: Memokey Line It is possible to combine an access control system with an audio or video door entry system. Keypad access control system.

  • Programmable codes stored in non-volatile memory
  • Audio activation confirmation
  • Output for exit pushbutton connection to open door from inside
  • Allows 2 readers connected in parallel (CR system only)
  • Relay contact: 2 A max. Mono state or Two state
  • Power supply 12 Vac/12Vdc

The electric locks released by entering a 4, 5 or 6 digits code. Allows up to 100 differents codes for personel, one to release another device (like an alarm), a secondary entrance, etc. Includes: panel with keypad, flush box and power supply.

With its reliable audio transmission, the Audio Kit ensures clear and efficient communication. It eliminates the need for physical keys or constant supervision, providing convenience and streamlining access control processes.

The Memokey Audio Kit offers flexible programming options, allowing you to assign unique access codes or names to different sub-stations. This feature enables controlled access and enhances security by granting entry only to authorized individuals.


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