CCTV Cleaning Kit Complete with 6m Reach Pole

    10m CCTV Cleaning Kit Carbon Fibre

    CCTV Cleaning Kit


    Product Description

    CP-KIT-10M 10m CCTV Cleaning Kit Complete with 10m Carbon Fibre Reach Pole

    • Backpack Holdall with 1ltr Container
    • Battery
    • Battery Charger
    • Pump
    • Carbon Fibre Pole with Dual Adaptor
    • 1x Quick Release Head for Dome Camera
    • 1x Quick Release Head for Bullet Camera
    • 10x Microfibre Pads for Dome Cameras
    • 10x Microfibre Pads for Bullet Cameras
    • Spray Nozzle at top of the pole
    • Quick release fitting to connect backpack.

    Pole Features

    • This 10 metre, 8-section telescopic poles manufactured from high quality 3K Carbon Fibre composite material.  Fitted with an anodised aluminium end attachment that has a 1/4″ camera thread and a rubber seal to allow your camera to be securely mounted on it.
    • Pole comprises of 8 sections and extends from approx. 1700mm to 10,500mm (10.5metres).
    • Smallest section diameter – 23mm OD.
    • Largest section diameter – 48mm OD.
    • Pole weight – 3.4kg.
    • Max carrying weight – 2kg.
    • Two different microfibre pads allow flexibility when cleaning different types of CCTV cameras.
    • The 10m CCTV Cleaning Kit simplifies risk assessments and method statements, and allows cleaning at height from the safety of the ground.

    If you’re looking for a CCTV cleaning kit with a carbon fibre pole, there are several options available at Videplus. Our cleaning kits and the accessories paired with them are designed specifically for cleaning surveillance cameras and their lenses. Carbon fibere poles are lightweight, durable, and non-conductive, making them perfect for use around electrical equipment like CCTV cameras. Guaranteed to increase safety and effeciency of the operator when cleaning CCTV cameras, especially when situated in awkward locations.

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