1431 Fermax Way-Fi Kit 1 Way, 7" Monitor, Surface Mount

    1431 Fermax Way-Fi Kit 1 Way, 7″ Monitor, Surface Mount

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    Product Description

    1431 Fermax Way-Fi Kit 1 Way, 7″ Monitor, Surface Mount

    The new WAY-FI KIT gives you TOTAL FREEDOM. Divert your video door entry panel to your mobile, receive the call, answer and open the door if you want. 1431 Fermax Way-Fi KitWith Wi-Fi connectivity built into the monitor.

    If there is someone at home, you can always take the call directly from the WAY-FI Monitor. A terminal with a modern and minimalist design and 7” capacitive touch screen, from which you can intuitively manage all the functionalities the equipment provides.

    No matter where you are, you can always do it your way, the easiest way. Do it your Way when you’re away!

    Connected to your home anywhere in the world! From wherever you want, you can…

    • See who is calling at your door (if you have Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connectivity)
    • Check through your video intercom camera or from your smartphone,even if nobody has called
    • Talk to your visitors, and if you wish, open the door
    • Forget your keys, as long as you have your mobile, and open the door to your house
    • Receive calls in an unlimited number of mobiles
    • Control all homes that have a WAY-FI kit linked to your smartphone from the same application
    • View received/missed calls at home from your mobile

    Monitor Functions of 1431 Fermax Way-Fi Kit:

    • Auto-On
    • Image and Video Mailbox: You will know the date and time they were taken, view and delete them one by one or all at once.
    • Intercom: Among the monitors installed inside the home. Maximum 3.
    • Exit: Switch off the screen, leaving it on standby.

    Sliding the arrow located on the upper part of the screen downwards, access the quick menu, where you can:

    • Turn “Do Not Disturb” mode on/off by activating an LED on the monitor .
    • Turn on/off automatic image capture function.
    • Turn Wi-Fi on/off to avoid any outside access.