2T-VA2M 2G GSM 2 Input Alarm Text Dialler / 2T-VME-PLUS/3G 3G GSM Gate Controller

    2T-VA2M 2G GSM 2 Input Alarm Text Dialler

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    Product Description

    2T-VA2M 2G GSM 2 Input Alarm Text Dialler. This Voyager alarm to mobile can have up to five numbers programmed. It will send an alert text message when an alarm panel has been activated.


    • Small size, 13cm x 6cm x 3cm
    • 12V to 24V AC or DC Power Supply
    • Typically powered by +12V from the Alarm panel
    • 2 inputs with Negative or Positive Polarity, 1 output
    • Configurable SMS Text Messages
    • Simple to set-up by sending short text messages from any mobile or Webtext application
    • Commands to program and use are in simple plain English
    • Send “test” SMS text regularly, to confirm unit operating correctly
    • Device sends “Credit Top Up” Messages to keep SIM on Mobile Network
    • New Install or retro fit

    Overview of 2T-VA2M 2G GSM 2 Input Alarm Text Dialler

    2G GSM Connectivity: Utilizes 2G GSM technology, providing a robust and dependable communication channel to transmit alarm notifications and text messages

    Low Power Consumption: Designed with energy efficiency in mind, this alarm text dialler boasts low power consumption, ensuring long-lasting operation without excessive battery drain

    Dual Input Capability: With two input channels, this dialler can monitor and process signals from two different alarm sources, allowing you to monitor multiple security zones or devices simultaneously