2T-VA2M 2G GSM 2 Input Alarm Text Dialler / 2T-VME-PLUS/3G 3G GSM Gate Controller

    2T-VME-PLUS/3G 3G GSM Gate Controller

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    2T-VME-PLUS/3G 3G GSM Gate Controller:

    Voyager Mobile Entry Plus – VME+3G

    Using GSM technology, the 3G GSM Gate Controller module wires directly in to your gates control board. You need to install a SIM card* in to the module and then set up the system simply using SMS messaging from your phone.

    Once fully set up all you need to do is phone your gates to open them using the 3G GSM Gate Controller.


    If you choose to associate your mobile number with the system then you can open your gates from home, work or abroad.

    When you phone your gates to open them, the module checks that your numbers associated with the system. The module then rejects the call so there is no charge and then opens your gate. You can programme in up to 20 phone numbers to the system. You can grant access to everyone in the household and friends, family and workers by the same method for convenience.


    There is no need for a separate power supply as the 2T-VME-PLUS/3G 3G GSM Gate Controller requires just 300-350mA. Therefore, it can be powered directly from the control board itself. When you combine this with the fact that you require no cabling between your house and gate, you have a flexible solution which is fast and cost effective way to control the opening of your gates.