3394 Additional Citymax Handset with Privacy Function

    3394 Additional Citymax Handset with Privacy Function

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    Product Description

    The 3394 is an Additional Citymax Handset with Privacy Function. This audio terminals installed in homes and enables communication with outdoor panel and door opening.


    • Terminal has built-in magnet in the earpiece area that ensures the arms well fitted and fixed to the base
    • Screw-on surface assembly
    • Door release and guard unit call button
    • Call volume control
    • On/off control
    • With 2 pushbuttons for additional functions (without functions assigned)
    • Power supply:
      • Audio: 12 Vac
      • Video: 18 Vdc

    Overview of 3394 Additional Citymax Handset

    A new telephone concept for the home. Integrated design, in line with new trends and lifestyles, simple and functional, combining quality and design. Purity of line, technology and performance make this equipment an elegant and perfect element for any location.

    The telephone is made of high-impact ABS plastic with a texturised finish for easy cleaning and ultraviolet protection for greater resistance to sunlight. It has many attachment points for wall mounting, as well as coiled cord with telephone plug connectors. This prevents the arm falling off damaging the wall when hanging up and also avoids faults caused in the installation by being badly hung.

    Recommended in small to medium-sized buildings (up to 50 residents approx), with several accesses and central guard unit. For residential complexes with general entrance and interior blocks.