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4545 FERMAX Telephone Interface

4545 FERMAX Telephone Interface

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Product Description

The 4545 Fermax Telephone Interface controls the door entry system from the home telephone and diverts calls from the door to a mobile phone when not at home.

The telephone interface is the perfect complement for the door entry system. Installed in the home, it allows communication and door opening from any landline or wireless telephone.

It also works as a telephone dialler, so that it is possible to divert the call from the entry system through the telephone line to a programmed telephone number.

This application is very useful for private homes when the owner is away.

DIN-10 rail format for easy installation inside an electrical equipment box, or can can be screwed directly onto the wall.

The key feature of this Telephone Interface is that a single reference works for analogic 4+N and VDS installations.