6202 2 Way Citymax Audio Kit

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    6202 2 Way Citymax Audio Kit Flush Mount

    FERMAX doorphone kits include all the necessary material for installation in a single-family home or office.

    The Citymax Audio Door Entry system kit includes:

    • For the interior of the house, the Citymax telephone with wall installation and easy fixation. Made of high impact ABS plastic with a mirror polish finish for easy cleaning.
    • For the exterior, the City Classic door panel , with a genuinely urban character, of great resistance and quality. Made of anodized aluminum with great resistance to weathering and climatic changes.


    In the home: 2 additional Citymax telephones (ref. 80447), without the need for extra power.

    In the entrances: a 2nd access for the entrance to the garage or secondary door.

    Includes 8300. 1/W CITY CLASSIC panel and flush box (ref.8948). Panel S1: 130×128. Flush box S1: 115x114x45. 80447. CITYMAX BASIC telephone. 4802. Power supply12Vac/1A-DIN4. Operating temperature: [-25ºC, + 70ºC]

    Technology: 4+N

    Peso: 1.374 kg

    6202 2 Way Citymax Audio Kit Flush Mount

    FERMAX was founded in Spain in 1949 and has since expanded its presence internationally, supplying their products to residential, commercial, and industrial sectors worldwide. Their intercom systems are commonly used in apartment buildings, offices, residential complexes, and other establishments to enhance security and facilitate communication between visitors and occupants.


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