8044 Additional Citymax Handset

    8044 Additional Citymax Handset

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    8044 Additional Citymax Handset provides convenience and functionality, allowing you to expand your intercom system and enjoy seamless communication throughout your property. Installed in homes, this enables communication with outdoor panel and door opening. Fermax extra-flat format phones are manufactured in high impact ABS plastic with a mirror polish type finish for easy cleaning.

    The industrial design applied and the top quality components give shape to a robust and reliable telephone that will equally please both professional and user. Easy to fit wall mounted installation. Conventional System: uses wires common to the whole installation plus 1 call wire (or call return) per home.

    Recommended in small to medium-sized buildings (up to 50 residents approx), with several accesses and central guard unit. For residential complexes with general entrance and interior blocks.

    Installation of the 8044 Handset is quick and straightforward. It connects directly to the existing Citymax intercom system, utilizing the same wiring infrastructure, making it a seamless integration. The handsets designed for user-friendly operation, ensuring ease of use for all occupants of your property.

    The 8044 Additional Citymax Handset is a great addition to an exsisting Fermax seup. To view more Audio Intercom products avaliabe at Videplus, please click here.