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8955 Surface Box for 10-12 Button Fermax Kits

8955 Surface Box for 10-12 Button Fermax Kits

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Product Description

The 8955 is a Surface Box that’s the perfect complement for 10 button and 12 button Fermax Kits. This surface box is expertly designed to enhance the installation of your Fermax Kits, ensuring convenience, durability, and a polished appearance.

Key Features

Seamless Integration: Specifically tailored to accommodate 10-12 Button Fermax Kits seamlessly. Its precise dimensions and design ensure a perfect fit, allowing you to complete your installation with ease and professionalism

Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the box is built to withstand the test of time. Its robust construction guarantees the longevity of your Fermax Kit, protecting it from environmental factors and wear

Neat Appearance: The 8955 Surface Box not only optimizes functionality but also adds a polished look to your installation. Its clean and professional appearance enhances the aesthetic of your Fermax Kit, ensuring a visually pleasing end result

Flexible Application: Whether for residential complexes, commercial spaces, or industrial facilities, the Surface Box offers versatile functionality. Its adaptability makes it an essential component for various settings and applications

Easy Installation: Installation is straightforward. With user-friendly instructions and all necessary mounting hardware included, you can seamlessly integrate it into your Fermax Kit setup without complications


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