JAR-ATR01HD Active Video Balun for HD TVI, CVI, AHD, CVBS up to 1200m

    JAR-ATR01HD Active Video Balun for HD TVI, CVI, AHD, CVBS up to 1200m

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    Product Description

    JAR-ATR01HD is an Active Video Balun with 1ch HD analog video UTP transceiver. It transfers real-time analog video signal up to 1200m through Cat5/5e/6 cable. Compatible with analog video signals of CVBS, HDCVI, HDTVI, and


    • Power supply:12~20V DC / 9~24V AC
    • Transmission signal: HDCVI, HDTVI, AHD, CVBS signals 4in1 full compatible design
    • Transmission distance: 0~1200m( work with active receiver)
    • Major function: Adopt twisted-pair to transit video, switch adjust transmission distance
    • Safety Performance: Power high anti-interference, superior surge immunity, ESD protection and anti-interference ability, wide-voltage DC/AC input
    • Mechanics: Combined connection available, optional MIT rack, which satisfy multi channels centralized application. Transfer video signal in real-time via twisted-pair, active video transmission solution, max.1200m transmission distance

    Overview of JAR-ATR01HD Active Video Balun

    The transceiver consists of SV unit connecting with DVRs and RM unit with cameras. It features protections of surge immunity and ESD immunity. The transceiver with small volume and joinable design fits easily in many locations. Such as villas, super markets, offices and hotels

    Featuring active video balun technology, this actively amplifies and compensates for video signals, maintaining signal integrity over extended distances. This ensures superior video quality and minimizes the impact of signal loss and interference

    The active video balun ensures high-quality video transmission, delivering clear and sharp images for your surveillance cameras and monitors. Enjoy enhanced details and accuracy in your video feeds, allowing for more effective monitoring and analysis


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