ACTPRO1030EVR vandal resistant cover

    ACTPRO1030EVR vandal resistant cover

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    Product Description

    The ACTPRO1030EVR is a vandal resistant cover that is suitable for use with ACTpro 1030E. This robust cover is designed to provide reliable protection for your ACTPro 1030E device, ensuring functionality and durability even in challenging environments.

    Key Features

    Unparalleled Protection: The cover offers a shield of defense for your valuable security equipment. The rugged constructions specifically engineered to withstand tampering, impact, and harsh conditions, ensuring device remains operational and secure

    Built for Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials, this covers built to last. Its sturdiness guarantees the long-term protection of your device, making it a cost-effective solution to preserve the longevity of your security investment

    Vandal-Proof Design: With a focus on security, the covers designed to deter unauthorized access and tampering attempts. Its specialized design makes it extremely difficult for vandals to compromise the device, ensuring the integrity of your security system

    Easy Installation: Installing the ACTPRO1030EVR Vandal Resistant Cover is a straightforward process. With simple and clear instructions, you can quickly secure your device, saving time and effort

    Peace of Mind: By investing in the Vandal Resistant Cover, you’re investing in peace of mind. Rest assured that your security devices well-protected against potential threats, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance and operation


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