AES-PRE2-4GE/AB Architectural 1 Button 4G GSM Video Intercom

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Product Description

Video Architectural Intercom Panel with single button.  Stylish toughened black acrylic trim over beautiful yet tough marine grade stainless steel.

  • 4G version of the fastest growing AES product, the Predator Video Intercom
  • Connects to a 4G network with 4G compatible SIM (not included)
  • No need for WiFi connectivity.  Totally independent from your home network
  • Easy plug-n-play setup with the same App as the WiFi Predator version
  • Simply connect both devices together via Ethernet cable (supplied), connect power, and log on with provided credentials
  • Complete with 24VDC PSU (for intercom), and PoE adapter (for modem)
  • 100 calls per 0.5GB of data (based on 30 second calls)
  • App for both Android and iOS devices available