AJ-BUTTON-B Ajax Button Black

    AJ-BUTTON-B Ajax Button Black

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    Product Description

    AJ-BUTTON-B Ajax Button Black Quick Spec:

    • Power – Battery: CR2032 battery, Power supply voltage: 3 V, Battery life — up to 5 years
    • False alarm prevention: Yes (double-click or long press for 1.5 sec)
    • Compatibility – Operates with Hub, Hub Plus, Hub 2, ReX featuring OS Malevich 2.7.102 and later
    • Dimensions – 47 х 35 х 13 mm


    • Wireless panic button for fast response
    • Accidental click protection
    • Ready to work out of the box for up to 5 years
    • Up to 1300 m communication range
    • Protected from dust and splashes

    Request help in one click

    Press the Button in case of emergency. It’ll send an immediate alarm to a hub following by a green blink to indicate successful delivery. The security system will notify a response company and send the notifications to your close ones or colleagues. It can also turn on the sirens to scare off the intruders.

    Raise an alarm

    A detached house. The sound of a broken glass and unfamiliar voices wake up the owners in a middle of the night. Instead of grabbing a bat they press the Button to let the security patrol deal with the thieves.

    Call for reinforcements

    A security guard patrols the area. Someone grabs him from behind and covers his mouth. The guard can’t call for help — a tough situation. But one click of a panic button sends the reinforcement his way.

    Prevent a robbery

    A burglar demands to put the money in a bag. The cashier opens the cash register with a panic button obediently. His fingers discreetly press the Button to raise a silent alarm. The robber will not leave the store with cash.

    Protect children

    The doorbell rings. A stranger insists on letting them in. The kids are home alone. They know that they should not open the door and immediately press the Button. Ajax system simultaneously triggers the siren and alerts the parents along with the security company.

    Without false alarms

    The body of the AJ-BUTTON-B Ajax Button Black is designed to prevent false alarm even if you sit or lay on it. And to ensure additional protection, you can set it up to react only on a double tap or a long press (for 1.5 seconds).

    Guarantees alarm delivery

    Ajax AJ-BUTTON-W Ajax Button Black panic button communicates with a hub using Jeweller radio protocol on a distance of up to 1300 m. Once it delivers an alarm, you’ll see a green blink. Jeweller encrypts all of the transmitted data. In case of signal interference or radio jamming, Ajax system switches the radio frequency and notifies you as well as the security company about the situation.
    • Signal range up to 1300 m
    • Alarm delivery confirmation
    • Encryption with a modified AES algorithm
    • Frequency hopping