AJ-DDCOVER-W Single StreetSiren Double Deck White Brandplate

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    Product Description

    AJ-DDCOVER-W Single StreetSiren Double Deck White Brandplate

    Quick Spec of AJ-DDCOVER-W:

    • Classification – White Faceplate for StreetSiren DoubleDeck
    • Installation method – Clip lock and a screw
    • Material – Plastic
    • Dimensions – 184 × 184 × 17 mm

    Security service providers can print their logo and contact information on the front panel of an outdoor siren. Located at the building, it will serve as an additional marketing channel that reaches new customers: neighbors and visitors.

    Secure mounting

    Brandplate mounts on StreetSiren DoubleDeck using a clip lock. To make it extremely tight, we provided a possibility to use a screw. Even a strong wind won’t tear Brandplate off the siren.
    The front panel for the security siren will serve as an advertisement that attracts the attention of people passing near the device. The alarm siren panel raises the overall brand awareness and informs every person about which company provides security services. Brandplate panels securely fasten with a complete screw and four plastic latches on the StreetSiren DoubleDeck siren housing. The front panel will not be torn off the mount even by strong wind gusts. A tamper-resistant tamper protects the security alarm device, so when trying to dismantle the wireless siren, a loud howl will scare off intruders and attract the attention of others.
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