AJ-DOUBLEBUTTON-W Ajax Double Button White

AJ-DOUBLEBUTTON-W Ajax Double Button White

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Product Description

AJ-DOUBLEBUTTON-W Ajax Double Button White

Quick Spec:

  • Power – CR2032 battery 3V. Up to 5 years.
  • Protection Class – IP55
  • Flase Alarm Prevention – Yes
  • Compatibility – Operates with all Ajax hubs and range extenders (with OS Malevich 2.10)
  • Dimensions – 47 × 35 × 16 mm

No accidental presses

To activate the alarm, you must simultaneously press both buttons. They are stiff and parted by a plastic barrier. These measures eliminate false alarms when carrying DoubleButton in a pocket or bag.

No unnecessary dispatches

DoubleButton supports confirmed alarms. This feature implies instructing users: what sequence of presses is required to generate a confirmed alarm condition. It has 100% guarantee to hold-up alarm when raised by an authorized user intentionally.

Guaranteed alarm delivery

The hold-up device transmits a signal to the hub via Jeweller—a two-way radio protocol communicating at a range of up to 1300 meters. A flashing LED verifies the successful delivery of the DoubleButton alarm. Jeweller encrypts the transmitted data and prevents device forgery. In the case of interference, the Ajax system switches to a free radio frequency, and when the air is jammed, it notifies users and a security company about the situation.

PRO-technology solution for any object

DoubleButton meets the requirements of professional European security standards and can be used in both private and commercial properties. Wireless connectivity with the hub and long communication range gives freedom in placing and allows you to carry DoubleButton around.

Truly effortless maintenance

The AJ-DOUBLEBUTTON-W Ajax Double Button device body is resistant to temperature extremes, dust, and splashes. With a pre-installed battery lasting up to 5 years, DoubleButton does not require maintenance for a very long time due to the design allowing for thousands of clicks.

Connecting without puzzles

Add DoubleButton to a system and configure it — all in Ajax PRO — a mobile app for engineers. No need to disassemble the housing; just fix the device to a surface using Holder. Or hang it on lace or keychain. A few minutes and hold-up device is ready for use.