AJ-HOLDER-W Holder for Double Button White

AJ-HOLDER-W Holder for Double Button White

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Product Description

AJ-HOLDER-W Holder for Double Button.  White Bracket to fix Button or DoubleButton on surfaces

Quick Spec:

  • Material – Plastic
  • Dimensions – 47.1 x 37.9 x 14.2 mm

Always at hand

Holder helps to install the panic button where it will be rapidly accessible in an emergency and makes using the remote control for scenarios even more convenient. The wireless device will remain portable: the button quickly detaches from the holder and used as a key fob.

Designed by perfectionists

Holder design does not compromise the ergonomics of the button and provides a secure fit. Attached to a surface with two screws or on double-sided adhesive tape—thanks to the large, flat area, even such an installation method is reliable. Button and DoubleButton are attached and detached from the holder in one motion. No need to use any tools and waste time.
With the help of the Ajax Holder, the panic button security device will be near the user in emergencies. The Holder mounts allow user to fix the security button in an easily accessible place and make the control panel an even more convenient device. Holder with a panic button can be mounted on or under tables, on furniture, walls or in a car to perform automated actions such as opening the gates.
When using the Holder, the alarm button will remain mobile. Removed from the holder with one movement and used as a keychain. The Holder mount does not violate the ergonomics of the wireless button and securely fixes it on the surface. The lock of the panic buttons attached with double-sided tape, or with the help of two screws. Any of these types of mounting is reliable. The Ajax Holder for the alarm button is durable plastic in white and black. The minimalistic design and the ability to choose colours will help not to disturb the interior.
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