AJ-MOTIONCAM-W-PHOD Ajax MotionCam White (PHOD)


    Product Description

    AJ-MOTIONCAM-W-PHOD Ajax MotionCam White (Requires Hub 2) Photo On Demand. This is a wireless motion detector that takes photos by alarm and on demand.


    • Photo by alarm
    • Photo on demand
    • Photo by scenario
    • Photo delivery in 9 seconds
    • IR backlight for photos in the dark
    • Filtering false alarms caused by motion
    • Temperature compensation
    • Pet immunity
    • Up to 4 years of battery life
    • Up to 1,700m of two-way radio communication

    Wireless indoor IR motion detector supporting photo verification of alarms, Photo on Demand and Photo by Scenario features. MotionCam (PhOD) Jeweller is equipped with a built-in camera to show the real situation at the facility. There are three types of photo verification: by alarm, by scenario, and on demand. The user can request and see photos with one click in the Ajax app.

    The AJ-MOTIONCAM-W-PHOD detector uses two radio protocols simultaneously: Jeweller to inform about alarms and Wings to transmit photos. Jeweller provides instant alarm delivery, while Wings delivers the first photo from the scene in just 9 seconds. Even with communication breakdowns and a weak signal. The communication range with the hub is up to 1,700 meters, so the detector can be easily installed where it will be the most effective.