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AJ-WALLSWITCH Ajax Wall Switch 230V 13A Max Load

AJ-WALLSWITCH Ajax 230V WallSwitch

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Product Description

AJ-WALLSWITCH Ajax 230V WallSwitch 13A Max Load

Ajax Wall Switch

The radio channel controller allows to control domestic appliances remotely. It is used to switch on/off irons, garage gates, water heaters and heat-insulated floors.
  • Authentication to prevent forgery
  • Jamming detection and communication channels encryption
  • Protected from power surges and overheating
  • With one click in the mobile application, the device switches domestic appliances on and off
  • The device switches off automatically during overcurrent, voltage surge and overheating
  • Information on energy consumption is available in the mobile application

Principle of operation

The device controls the electric power supply by means of relay, which closes and opens the power supply network.

Features of Ajax wall switch

Operates in 110V and 220V mains. The meter shows the power consumption in real time.  13A Max Load

Installation and set up

The AJ-WALLSWITCH Ajax 230V WallSwitch can be installed into a recessed wall plate and connected to the internal power supply network.
The device connects directly to the 110 V~/230 V~ source and closes/opens the circuit on command. The relay can handle loads of up to 3 kW, which is enough to connect a very power-hungry device. Thanks to WallSwitch, this feature of the device may become known — it displays power consumption in the Ajax app.