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Product Description

AJ-RELAY Ajax Relay

Radio channel controller for remote control of low current equipment. Used to activate electric locks, gates and swing gates, rolling shutters and blinds, and to restart modems and routers.
  • Authentication to prevent forgery
  • Jamming detection and communication channels encryption
  • Protected from power surges and overheating
  • With one click in the mobile application, the device switches domestic appliances on or off
  • Switches off automatically during voltage surge and overheating
  • Information on the voltage level is available in the mobile application

Principle of operation

The device controls electric power supply by means of relay, which closes and opens the dry contact.

Features of AJ-RELAY Ajax Relay

Operates from 7—24 VDC voltage sources.
5A load at 36VDC
13A load at 230VA
The dry contact is not galvanically connected to the device itself.

Installation and set up

The devices installed in junction boxes, distribution boards, and enclosures of switching units.
Settings, versatility and low power consumption make Relay a universal tool for equipment control. The Dry contact is not galvanically connected to the device power supply so that it can be used both in low-voltage and household networks. There are bistable and pulse modes. Easily connect relay to a power supply unit, and have it paired with a backup battery.