Connector from a BNC to a Phono

BNC-PHONO BNC Phono Connector

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Product Description

The BNC-PHONO is a connector from a BNC to a Phono, to allow connectivity. Perfect for audio and video applications where you need to convert signals between BNC and Phono interfaces.

Key Features

Easy Conversion: The Connector simplifies the conversion process, making it quick and hassle-free. Simply plug the BNC connector into the BNC side and the Phono (RCA) connector into the Phono side to complete the conversion

High-Quality Materials: Crafted from high-quality materials, the BNC Phono Connector ensures durability and reliable performance, allowing for frequent use without signal degradation

Secure and Stable Connection: The BNC-PHONO Connector ensures a secure and stable connection between BNC and Phono (RCA) interfaces, minimizing signal loss and interference during data transmission

Versatile Applications: This connector is suitable for a wide range of applications. This includes audio and video setups in professional and consumer electronics. Such as CCTV systems, video cameras, audio mixers, and home theater systems

BNC to Phono (RCA) Conversion: The BNC-PHONO Connector allows you to convert BNC signals to Phono (RCA) signals or vice versa. This feature is especially useful when interfacing with audio/video equipment that uses different connector types


BNC Phono Connector ensures seamless integration in your audio and video applications. To view other Connectors avaliable from Videplus, please click here.

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