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BNC-T-PIECES BNC T Piece Connector

BNC-T-PIECES BNC T Piece Connector

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Product Description

The BNC-T-PIECES are a BNC T piece connector that will fit a BNC plug. This is a versatile and reliable solution designed to create convenient branching connections in your coaxial cable setups. The connector allows you to split or extend your BNC connections with ease, making it ideal for various audio and video applications.

key Features

T Piece Connector: The connector features a T-shaped design. This allows you to split your coaxial cable connection into two separate pathways or extend the cable length by connecting additional cables

Secure Connection: The T piece connector ensures a tight and secure fit on the BNC cables, minimizing signal loss and interference. The reliable connection maintains clear and stable video transmission

BNC Cable Compatibility: This T piece connector is specifically designed for use with BNC cables. Commonly employed in video and surveillance applications, CCTV systems, security cameras, and other audio/video setups

High-Quality Materials: Constructed from durable materials, this BNC T piece connector ensures reliable performance and durability. Its sturdy build can withstand frequent connections and disconnections without compromising signal integrity


Enjoy flexibility in your video and audio applications with this reliable BNC-T-PIECES BNC T Piece Connector. To view other Connectors from Videplus, please click here.

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