BT-1UPS800VA 800USB & RS232 AVR Power Supply Unit

    BT-1UPS800VA 800USB & RS232 AVR Power Supply Unit

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    Product Description

    The BT-1UPS800VA Power Supply Unit is an intelligent battery-backup solution for home and office settings. Quality UPS battery- backup solutions can be prohibitively expensive, especially when combined with built-in ‘intelligence’ and additional line filtration. This Power Supply Unit offer both excellent value for money, powerful performance coupled with intelligence to allow correct monitoring of both its internal systems and a graceful shutdown of its attached server or workstation.

    With USB interface fitted as standard to all models for effective power monitoring and shutdown, the range also benefits from integral an RJ11 interface, ideal for digital PBX line filtration and thus maximum up-time.

    Specifications of BT-1UPS800VA Power Supply Unit:

    • 850 VA sealed LA battery technology
    • Supports 110/120 or 220/230/240 volts @ 50/60Hz
    • Simulated sine wave to protects against spikes, brown outs etc
    • Battery back-up time approx. 20 minutes*
    • Intelligent USB interface for monitoring and OS shutdown
    • Supports Windows(tm)98/2000/2003/XP/Vista
    • Supports Windows(tm)7 and Windows8(tm)
    • Short circuit and over discharge battery protection
    • Cold-start with automatic battery charging + RJ11 filtering
    • 4 IEC (female) output connections for standard device input
    • Status LEDs and control for battery, backup and charging
    • Dimensions 95mm (W) x 340mm (D) x 165mm (H) approx.

    Uses for the Power Supply Unit:

    • Telephone PBXsystems
    • Desktops & workstations
    • Networks & entertainment
    • Security & CCTV