BT-6LCDWALLPLASMA/XL plasma wall bracket to suit 37"-70" monitors

    BT-6LCDWALLPLASMA/XL plasma wall bracket to suit 37″-70″ monitors

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    Product Description

    BT-6LCDWALLPLASMA/XL is a plasma wall bracket. The tilt wall mount is designed to suit 37″-70″ monitors. Ensure secure installation and optimal positioning of your monitors, transforming the space into the ultimate viewing experience.

    Key Features

    Dimensions: 600 x 400

    Easy Installation: The bracket comes with a comprehensive installation kit and step-by-step instructions. Making the setup process straightforward for DIY enthusiasts and professional installers alike

    Wide Compatibility: The wall brackets designed to accommodate a wide range of monitors, from 37″ to 70″, making it suitable for various display sizes

    Space-Saving Solution: The BT-6LCDWALLPLASMA/XL Plasma Wall Bracket maximizes floor space, creating a clutter-free environment while keeping your monitor conveniently accessible

    Cable Management: The integrated cable management system ensures that your cables remain tidy and organized, enhancing the overall appearance of your setup

    Smooth Tilt and Swivel: This wall bracket features a smooth tilt and swivel mechanism. Therefore, providing you with the flexibility to adjust your monitor’s viewing angle for the best possible comfort and visibility


    Enhance the visual appeal of your room while enjoying the benefits of a versatile and adjustable mounting solution for your 37″ to 70″ monitors. To view other Monitor Brackets similar to BT-6LCDWALLPLASMA/XL from Videplus, please click here.

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