CAB-1U-BLNKPNL-BL 1U Blank Panel

CAB-1U-BLNKPNL-BL 1U Blank Panel Black

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Product Description

CAB-1U-BLNKPNL-BL 1U Blank Panel for networking cabinets in black.  Blanking panels/plates are used to cover areas of a server rack you don’t want to be seen, these are available in 1U, 2U & 4U versions. Designed for 19″ racks.

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Blanking Plates help to improve, maintain and prevent all sorts of issues including:

Airflow and Cooling Efficiency:

If there are gaps or empty spaces in a server rack, air can flow through these openings.  Air bypassing the active equipment isn’t ideal as it helps keep devices cool.  Utilising Blanks correctly can improve airflow around equipment, optimising cooling efficiency.

Maintaining Proper Air Pressure:

Blanking plates help maintain the appropriate air pressure within the server rack. If airflow is not properly directed, it can lead to inefficient cooling and potential overheating of active equipment.

Preventing Hotspots:

Uneven cooling caused by unmanaged gaps in a rack can create hotspots, where certain areas become significantly hotter than others. These hotspots can be detrimental to the performance and longevity of devices in the rack.

Reducing Dust and Contaminant Infiltration:

Blanking plates help seal off unused spaces, reducing the entry of dust, debris, and other contaminants that can accumulate and affect the equipment’s performance and reliability.

Enhancing Rack Aesthetics and Organization:

Blank panels create a clean and organized appearance in the server rack by filling empty spaces. This makes it easier to manage and maintain the equipment in the rack.

Facilitating Future Expansion:

Blank panels used strategically to leave room for future expansion. Instead of leaving gaps for anticipated new devices, blanking plates installed temporarily until the spaces required for additional equipment.

CAB-1U-BLNKPNL-BL 1U Blank Panel for networking cabinets in black.