CAGE-C4 Opal Security Cage that can be used with CCTV cameras and other equipment.

    CAGE-C4 Opal Security Cage 180x160mm


    Product Description

    CAGE-C4 Opal Security Cage, used with CCTV cameras and other equipment. This provides unparalleled protection and security for your valuable assets, ensuring peace of mind in any environment. The dimensions are: 180mm Diameter x 160mm Deep. Security fixings included.

    Features of CAGE-C4 Opal Security Cage

    Superior Asset Protection: The cage offers a robust barrier that shields your equipment from potential threats. Its durable constructions engineered to withstand physical impact, tampering, and unauthorized access, preserving the integrity of your assets

    Tamper-Resistant Design: With a focus on security, this cages built to thwart unauthorized access attempts. Its design makes it extremely challenging for unauthorized individuals to compromise your equipment, ensuring the safety of your assets

    Easy Installation: Installing the CAGE-C4 Opal Security Cage is a straightforward process. With user-friendly instructions and all the necessary hardware included, you can quickly secure your equipment and enjoy enhanced protection

    Personalized Options: Custom sized cages supplied if required. Contact us for a quotation

    This anti-vandal steel camera cages used to protect CCTV camera’s, and a wide variety of other external equipment. Such as tampering or damaged by vandalism, theft or accidental damage.  Cages are made from 3mm case-hardened steel and encased in a thermoplastic, weatherproof coating. This makes them an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor applications.

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