CDV-GAERI24 24VDC Fail Safe Strike Lock

    CDV-GAER Fail Secure Strike Lock 12V AC/DC

    Product Documents

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    Product Description

    CDV-GAER Fail Secure Strike Lock, 12V AC/DC, with Adjustable Jaw. The GAE series of Euro electric strikes by CDVI has been the industry standard for audio video entry systems. Used from residential flats to small businesses. Offering both a mortice plate and rim housing, with an adjustable jaw. They are a must have product for any installation engineer.

    Key Features

    • Adjustable jaw Euro strikes
    • Fail safe
    • Surface and flush option kit
    • Powder coated steel
    • Built-in MOV

    Overview of CDV-GAER Fail Secure Strike Lock

    The MOV (metal oxide varistor) fitted inside all GAE Series strikes protects your system from electric spikes that can cause damage to electronic control devices

    Secure Access Control: The Fail-Secure Strike Lock offers enhanced access control, allowing authorized personnel to enter and exit while maintaining a secure lock when power is lost or during emergency situations

    Fail-Secure Operation: In case of power failure or emergencies, the strike lock remains securely locked, providing an added layer of security and preventing unauthorized access

    Quiet Operation: With its smooth and silent locking and unlocking process, this strike lock ensures minimal disturbance and discreet access control

    Product Specifications

    Material: Powder coated steel
    Holding force for Adjustable jaw: 250kg
    Cycles: tested to 300,000 operations