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CDV-RX26-XPL Receiver, 2 relays, LCD display

CDV-RX26-XPL Receiver, 2 relays, LCD display



Product Description

The CDV-RX26-XPL Receiver is a versatile receiver with the benefit of having an integral backlit LDC. General programming of the receiver (relay time etc) completed using the 2 push buttons on the receiver. All programming steps displayed on backlit LCD screened menu. The internal data can be saved/restored to/from an external memory module.


  • 2 relays 24VA
  • 100 transmitters/buttons
  • Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Polycarbonate housing
  • Transparent, internal use

This CDV-RX26-XPL Receiver employs rolling-code technology: a special algorithm keeps the transmitter and receiver synchronised and secure.

This receiver has 2 relay outputs, each having dry contacts.Programming of transmitters can be carried out either directly on the reciever using the 2 push buttons, or remotely using the buttons of the transmitter.

Product Information

Material: Polycarbonate housing
Frequency: 433.92MHz
Modulation: AM/ASK
Coding: Rolling Code Keeloq®
Numberof relays: 2, NO and NO/NC
Operating mode: Pulse, step, timed
Memory capacity: 100 transmitters, 85 buttons

A compact discreet design allows installation of transmitter inconspicuously, blending seamlessly into your home or office environment. Its low-profile appearance ensures that it remains unobtrusive while contributing to the overall aesthetics of your space.

Manufactured with high-quality materials and tested for durability, the universal transmitter delivers consistent and reliable performance. Count on its responsiveness and accuracy to protect your property and loved ones.