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CDV-RX26NANO NANO receiver, 1 relay

CDV-RX26NANO NANO receiver, 1 relay

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Product Description

The CDV-RX26NANO NANO receiver is a small, economical, 1 channel receiver for standard applications. It is part of a complete range of radio control and switching products to provide wire-free control of gates, barriers, doors, lights etc. The standard range is up to 200 metres, enhanced by installing the optional SEA433 tuned aerial.

The receivers designed to control automatic closing systems and anti-burglar systems, thanks to its very high security coding system. The operating frequency is among the European harmonised frequencies; the product fully complies with the EMC European
Regulations (CE).

The code sent by the transmitter changes at every activation, avoiding any scanning and copying risk. A special algorithm allows to keep synchronized transmitter and receiver. The receiver has 1 output relay (with NO contacts, and can be connected to many types of mechanics (gate, garage door, rolling shutters, awnings, anti-burglar appliances, lighting, etc.).

All the receivers of the range can store into the EEPROM a serial number, a manufacturer key and a synchronism algorithm of more transmitters.

Programming done in self-learning mode by means of one button. The housing protection allows indoor installations.

Key Features:

  • Compact receiver
  • 1 relay
  • Timed and pulse operation
  • 12-14Vac/dc
  • Polycarbonate housing

Product Information of CDV-RX26NANO NANO receiver:

Material: Polycarbonate housing
Frequency: 433.92MHz
Modulation: AM/ASK
Coding: Rolling Code Keeloq®
Number of relays: 1