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CDV-TX26E2 2 channel Transmitter

CDV-TX26E2 2 channel Transmitter

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Product Description

The CDV-TX26E2 2 channel Transmitter is a high security transmitter with rolling code technology and are ideal for automated doors and gates, public or private access, residential or industrial environments. A changeable battery powers the product. The receiver has been designed for the control of automatic closing systems and anti-burglar systems thanks to its very high security coding system.

The code sent by the transmitter changes at every activation, avoiding any scanning and copying risk. A special algorithm allows to keep synchronysed transmitter and receiver. The receiver which makes the activation, once received the transmitter code, has to be connected during the installation to the device to control (gate, garage door, rolling shutters, awnings, anti-burglar appliances, lighting).

The receiver can store into the EEPROM a serial number, a manufacturer key and a synchronism algorithm of more transmitters. Each transmitter stored into different receivers, therefore, can do more functions. T ransmitters manufactured and sold with a different univocal serial number set-in-factory. The real transmitted code is the result of a special algorithm which combines a serial number, a manufacturer key and a synchronization number.

Key Features:

  • 2 channel transmitter
  • 433.92 Mhz
  • Rolling Code Keeloq®
  • Up to 250 meters range in open field
  • Wall holder (SESMT03) available

Product Information of CDV-TX26E2 2 channel Transmitter

Frequency: 433.92MHz
Modulation: AM/ASK
Coding: Rolling Code Keeloq®
Range: Up to 250m in open field