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FI/PN/C/4 Conventional 4 Zone Firebrand Fire Panel

FI/PN/C/2 Conventional 2 Zone Firebrand Fire Panel

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Product Description

FI/PN/C/2 Conventional 2 Zone Firebrand Fire Panel. The FI-C range of conventional control panels features 2 zones of detection. Housed in a stylish modern ABS housing, the FI-C is the ideal control panel for smaller installations. The panel uses active End of Line monitoring to permit head removal protection.


  • 2 zone non-expandable control panels.
  • Up to 32 conventional smoke and/or heat detectors per zone.
  • Active End of Line monitoring
  • Programmable non-latching zones
  • Delay timer programmable on/off per zone
  • Zone coincidence programmable for adjacent zones.
  • Two Access Levels
  • One man test
  • Supervised auxiliary 24 volt output
  • 2 supervised/ monitored sounder circuits
  • 2 programmable inputs for Class change, Day / Night operation, remote silence, remote reset etc.
  • 2 Relay outputs fire and fault
  • Power supply 1,7A at 28Vdc nominal (max)
  • Fully EN54 part 2 and 4 compliant

Overview of FI/PN/C/2 Conventional 2 Zone Panel

Programmable Zone coincidence and alarm delay timer (0-10 min) are standard features to help reduce false alarms

The one man test facility enables simple and rapid testing of the system at commissioning and during maintenance operations

This panel uses conventional fire detection technology, allowing for easy integration with a wide range of fire detection devices, such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, and manual call points

The Fire Panel features a user-friendly interface with clear visual indicators and status displays for each zone. This allows authorized personnel to quickly identify the status of each zone and take appropriate actions promptly


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