DH-PSDW81642MP-H-A360-E9-D440 Hubble Multi-Sensor PTZ

    DH-PSDW81642MP-H-A360-E9-D440 Hubble Multi-Sensor PTZ

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    Product Description

    DH-PSDW81642MP-H-A360-E9-D440 Hubble Multi-Sensor PTZ

    • Panoramic camera: Eight 1/1.8” 2 Megapixel progressive scan CMOS
    • PTZ camera: One 1/1.8” 4 Megapixel progressive scan CMOS
    • Support 360-degree panoramic view
    • Starlight technology
    • Support Smart H265+/H264+ encoding
    • Day/Night (ICR); 3D NR; AWB; AGC; BLC
    • IR distance up to 400m
    • Smart tracking
    • Tripwire
    • Intrusion
    • Crowd map

    DH-PSDW81642MP-H-A360-E9-D440 Hubble Multi-Sensor PTZ Starlight panoramic HD network camera, with all-in-one design, provides a 360°panorama and region of interest details at the same time. The panoramic network combines 8 sensors working in tandem to realize 360°panoramic surveillance; all-in-one module and high-speed PTZ camera provides the function of quick position details. In addition, with video analytic algorithm and multi-target track algorithm, the camera can automatically or manually detect tripwire and intrusion of mutiple targets in detection area, output alarm signal, and then link PTZ for smart tracking.  With these excellent features, the camera can meet higher security requirements.

    True Day/Night

    A day/night mechanical IR cut filter makes this camera ideal for applications with fluctuating lighting conditions, delivering color images during the day and automatically switching to monochrome as the scene darkens.

    Starlight Technology

    Featured with Dahua Starlight Technology, the camera is ideal for applications with challenging light conditions. Its low light performance delivers usable video with minimal ambient light. Even in extreme low light conditions, Starlight Technology is capable of delivering color images in nearly complete darkness

    Crowd Map

    With deep learning algorithm, Dahua Crowd Map technology can detect the crowd density on the image, and display it on heat map; it can detect people quantity and density in selected area and set threshold.  When the number or density is larger or smaller than the threshold, it triggers linkage.

    Tripwire Detection and Intrusion Detection

    With advanced CNN algorithm, the detection distance,and the accuracy rate and timely rate of linkage track are much improved.

    Smart Tracking

    This feature controls the pan/tilt/zoom actions of the camera to automatically track an object in motion and to keep it in the scene. The tracking action can be triggered manually or automatically by defined rules. Once a rule is triggered, the camera can zoom in and track the defined target automatically.

    Cyber Security

    Dahua network camera is equipped with a series of key security technologies, such as security authentication and authorization, access control, trusted protection, encrypted transmission, and encrypted storage, which improve its security defense and data protection, and prevent malicious programs from invading the device.


    Additional Information

    Camera Style




    Lens Size

    5mm, 5.6-223mm


    4MP, 8 x 2MP



    Camera Type

    360° Panoramic