DH-TPC-DF1241-D3F4 Thermal Network Hybrid

    DH-TPC-DF1241-D3F4 Thermal Network Hybrid Dome Camera

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    DH-TPC-DF1241-D3F4 Thermal Network Hybrid Dome Camera 3.5mm Lens

    • Uncooled VOx thermal sensor technology
    • Athermalized lens (thermal camera), focus-free
    • 1/2.7” 4Megapixel progressive scan CMOS
    • Support ROI, motion detection, color palettes
    • Smoking and call behaviour detection
    • Support fire detection & alarm
    • Built-in 1/1 alarm in/out
    • Micro SD memory, IP67, PoE
    • Smart linkage with strobe light & audio
    • Dual image fusion (visible and thermal images)

    ①Detection Distance: Detects objects, but cannot recognize their characteristics (objects must cover more than 3.6 pixels of the image).

    ②Recognition Distance: Classifies objects into general categories, such as human, vehicle (the object must cover more than 14 pixels of the image).

    ③Identification Distance: Classifies objects into specific categories based on their characteristics, such as engineering truck, car (the object must cover more than 28 pixels of the image).

    Featuring thermal and visible channels, Eureka series thermal network camera offers various AI functions such as tripwire, intrusion, call detection, smoking detection, and temperature measurement. It can be used in short distance monitoring scenes such as perimeter protection and heat monitoring, which provides an all-in-one video surveillance solution for small and medium scenes. The camera is widely applied in waste, laundry, warehouse, and more.

    DH-TPC-DF1241-D3F4 Thermal Network Hybrid Dome Camera is a great option for a Thermal CCTV Camera. For other Dahua Thermal CCTV products from Videplus please click here.

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    Dome, Eyeball

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