DH-VTM114 Dahua Aluminium Alloy Flush Box for VTO2202F-P

DH-VTM114 Dahua Aluminium Alloy Flush Box for VTO2202F-P

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Product Description

The DH-VTM114 Dahua Aluminium Alloy Flush Box is designed for VTO2202F-P. The flush boxs crafted with high-quality aluminium alloy, providing sturdy protection and enhances the aesthetics of your access control setup. This offers a polished and modern appearance.

Key Features

Custom-made for VTO2202F-P: The DH-VTM114s precisely engineered to fit the VTO2202F-P IP Villa Outdoor Station flawlessly. Its precise dimensions guarantee a snug and secure fit, ensuring optimal performance and protection for your device.

Robust Aluminium Alloy Construction: Crafted from premium aluminium alloy, the DH-VTM114s built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Its durable design provides excellent protection against the elements

Flush Mount Design: The flush box offers a sleek and flush mounting option, delivering a clean and modern appearance for your VTO2202F-P. Its low-profile design seamlessly integrates with your entrance setup, enhancing the aesthetics of your property

Neat and Organized Installation: This flush box provides a neat and organized installation for your VTO2202F-P, keeping cables and wires concealed for a professional look. Say goodbye to unsightly cables and enjoy a clutter-free entryway

Weather-Resistant and Durable: Designed for outdoor applications, the DH-VTM114 is weather-resistant and can withstand varying weather conditions

Effortless Installation: Installing the DH-VTM114 is quick and straightforward. Its precise fit and user-friendly design allow for easy and secure attachment to any flat surface, reducing installation time and effort

UV Resistant and Long-Lasting: Engineered to resist UV rays, the DH-VTM114 maintains its integrity and appearance over time, preventing fading and discoloration. This guarantees your flush box remains reliable and attractive