DH-VTM115 Aluminium Alloy Surface Mount Box for VTO2202F/VTO2202F-P

    DH-VTM115 Aluminium Alloy Surface Mount Box for VTO2202F/VTO2202F-P


    Product Description

    The DH-VTM115 is an Aluminium Alloy Surface Mount Box that is designed for VTO2202F/VTO2202F-P. This rugged and reliable surface mount box enhances the installation and protection of your outdoor station, ensuring seamless integration and lasting durability.


    • Material: AL5052 t=2.0mm
    • Dimensions: 129.0mm×95.0mm×28.5mm (5.08″×3.74″×1.12″)
    • Perfect Fit: Custom-crafted to precisely fit the VTO2202F and VTO2202F-P IP Villa Outdoor Stations. With its precise dimensions and secure fastening mechanisms, this surface mount box ensures a snug and professional fit
    • Robust Aluminium Alloy Construction: Constructed from high-quality aluminium alloy, built to withstand the harshest environmental conditions
    • Enhanced Security and Durability: Your valuable VTO2202F/VTO2202F-P is safe and well-protected. The DH-VTM115 surface mount box adds an extra layer of security, safeguarding your outdoor station from potential tampering and vandalism.
    • Simple and Efficient Installation: Installing becomes effortless with the DH-VTM115 Aluminium Alloy Surface mount box. User-friendly design allows for quick and hassle-free mounting on any flat surface
    • Neat and Professional Appearance: This accessory ensures a seamless and neat installation, enhancing the aesthetics of your property’s entrance.
    • Ventilation Holes for Heat Dissipation: The Surface mount box features ventilation holes strategically placed to promote proper heat dissipation. Prevents overheating and ensures optimal performance of your device even during prolonged usage.