DH-VTM127 Dahua Two Module Mounting Box

    DH-VTM127 Dahua Two Module Mounting Box


    Product Description

    The DH-VTM127 is a Dahua Two Module Mounting Box. This mounting box ensures a neat and professional installation, safeguarding your modules from external elements and ensuring long-lasting performance.

    Key Features

    Robust and Weather-Resistant: Constructed from high-quality materials, the DH-VTM127 is built to withstand various weather conditions

    Optimal Rain Protection: The DH-VTM127’s smartly designed rain cover diverts water away from critical components, ensuring that your modules remain dry and fully functional, regardless of weather conditions.

    Reliable Weatherproofing: This mounting box offers reliable weatherproofing, preventing water infiltration and potential damage to your modules. Robust construction ensures consistent performance and durability, even in harsh outdoor environments

    Effortless Mounting: Installing the DH-VTM127 Dahua Two Module Mounting Box is quick and hassle-free. Its surface-mounted design allows for easy and secure attachment to any flat surface, saving time and effort during installation

    Neat and Professional Appearance: The box provides a clean and organized installation for your Dahua modules, enhancing the aesthetics of your surveillance or access control setup

    UV Resistant and Long-Lasting: Engineered to resist UV rays, the DH-VTM127 maintains its integrity and appearance over time, preventing fading and discoloration. This ensures mounting box remains reliable and attractive

    Accommodates Two Modules: The DH-VTM127 features ample space to house up to two modules, streamlining your installation and reducing clutter