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DHI-ASGB810X-R Unilateral Swing Turnstyle

DHI-ASGB810X-R Unilateral Swing Turnstyle

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Product Description

The DHI-ASGB810X-R is a Right Unilateral Swing Turnstyle by Dahua. The turnstyle has no terminal install hole. Featuring a modern and space-saving design, this perfectly complements contemporary architectural settings.


  • Integrated access control module, turnstile control module, alarm module, and more
  • IC card reader standard; fingerprint sensor, QR code, and face recognition modules can be added as needed
  • Wired system: RS-485 and RS-232
  • Applicable to indoor environment, such as industrial parks, office buildings, schools, factories, CBD, and residential areas
  • Dimensions: 1,500 mm × 120 mm × 1,000 mm (59.05″ × 47.20″ × 39.37″)


The DHI-ASGB810X-R Unilateral Swing Turnstyle integrates functions such as access control and alarms. With the included IC card reading module, the turnstile can work with additional modules to form an access control system, such as a fingerprint scanner, QR code and face recognition device. This product is applicable to residential areas, schools, governments, factories,industrial zones, office buildings, etc.

The turnstile has a  sophisticated design that incorporates anti-tailgating and anti-passback features, preventing unauthorized entry attempts and enhancing security in controlled areas.

DHI-ASGB810X-R swinging mechanisms allows one-directional pedestrian access, enhancing security and regulating the flow of people through the controlled area. This mechanism prevents unauthorized access while providing a smooth passage for authorized individuals.