Product Description

The DHI-ISC-D118 Walk-through Metal Detector is a high-performance Walk through metal detector. It is light weight and has high metal detection sensitivity, strong anti-interference capabilities and stable performance. The device, made of high-strength special materials, is light-weighted and easy to transport and install. The device has a modular design and is manufactured on unified assembly lines, ensuring the good stability. It also delivers an simplicity and user-friendly interface.


  • 18 detection zones with corresponding indicator lights
  • Minimum detect target: CNY ten-cent coin
  • 3.5 inch LCD with an interactive, user-friendly interface
  • Monitor and display the real-time signal strength of environmental interference
  • Automatically searches operating frequency (20 levels available)
  • Counting passing number, pass/return numbers, and alarm number
  • Pass/Return statistics, alarm statistics, and searching by day
  • Easy-to-install modular design
  • Safe low-voltage design
  • Reliable and stable aviation connector
  • 9 alarm tones with 10 adjustable volume levels, mute mode and alarm duration: 0–10 s
  • 255 adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Separate parameter configuration for 12 supported scenarios
  • IR remote controller
  • Multiple IR detection modes
  • Supports lead-acid batteries (optional)

Functions of DHI-ISC-D118 Walk-through Metal Detector:

Zone Indication: 6, 12, or 18 independent zones selectable, and multiple metal items can be located simultaneously.
Optimized IR Sensor: Infrared (IR) sensor with less false or missed alarms; automatic alarm statistics and passing statistics; IR detection and multiple detectionmodes.
Counting Mode: One-way counting; in/out counting; searching by day
Digital Signal Processing Technology: Digital signal processing and filtering system ensure exceptional immunity to electromagnetic interference
Adjustable Sensitivity: 255 adjustable sensitivity levels in each detection zone (sensitivity increases by levels).